*Ei (pronounced “I“) = egg
*Kneipe = like a British pub, but with friendly Germans.
*Eckkneipe = corner pub.

How should we translate the “Egg Kneipe“?
We thought about calling it the Ei pub, or iPub but we didn’t want to get sued by Tim Cook. Let’s leave it as it is.

Ei have a dream...

We wish to pay tribute to the humble egg dish, a tribute rich deserved due to its variety. We wish to make egg dishes exciting, adding a touch of mystery to simple food. Eggs play an important role in many and varied international cuisines, whether as a star act or supporting role, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

The idea is to offer healthy snacks and quality cuisine from well-known to unknown dishes. Regulars at the Egg Kneipe can expect delicate food rich in protein, which is lling and a great source of energy.

The term “organic“ is everywhere. But when we say we take an interest in being conscious about the food we eat, this isn’t just a buzzword. Our focus is on the handiwork of cooking itself, in the making, the conversation and the details. And we genuinely try to have fun with it too. That way our guests will look forward to a visit to the Egg Kneipe.


“Hey guys, someone should really ...
open a bistro just for egg dishes. “ You know the conversations in your local pub. That’s where the idea first hatched, but then it kept coming back to roost. It became more elaborate, more refined, more celebrated. The regulars table remained, the good mood spread and good friends made us more resolute: it’s a great idea.

2017 and we were ready. Now or never. Eggs are tasty. Without eggs, there would be no life. All too often egg dishes have been life-giving. And so we began, on the basis of friendship, a passion for cooking, good food and the knowledge that well-made dishes can turn around even the worst mood.

All together no classic restauranteurs but with experience in gastronomy, our trio brings other professional skills to the table: as a photographer (Patrick Walter) a designer (Thies Wulf) communications specialist (Daniel Günther) in their home town, and the town where they are at home: Berlin.



organic – handmade I streetfood – proteinpower I turbotasty – comfortcuisine
Our menu is full of great classics, exciting recipies and ever-changing new creations.
Fresh, delicate, light and filling meals sit side by side and flirt with seasonal or international interpretions.
We are always ready to try something new, because our diner-culture stands for a passionate and curious cooking.



sustainable products - sustainable culinary delight
Whether our Imbissdishes or those of our changing daily or weekly specials, we would like to offer a fair price range as well as ingredients of high quality and fair-traded - to combine health-conscious nutrition with conscious enjoyment.

One of our concerns is to strengthen partners, whose origins lie in family-run business, regional manufacturing, organic farming and the consciousness for quality products . Therefore we purchase our eggs from Gut Krauscha an organic farming and agriculture located in the „Oberlausitz Region" with craftsmanship and manufacturing fine food products as family owned business - www.gut-krauscha.de.

We order our meat i.a. fresh and natural out of own production at the Berliner Blutwurstmanufaktur, the cheese we obtain from the proven expert Blohmeyers and the refreshments originate i.a. from Aqua Monaco, whose beverages are based on the purest water from the „Münchner Schotterebene" and are
enriched about innovative formulations and the most refined herbal mixtures. Regarding our bread - the famous spelt toast - we are delighted every time by endorphina's fine art of baking - www.endorphina.de


Dear Guests, Fans and Friends, we were always pleased to welcome you at the Egg Kneipe Berlin. After one and a half year we decided to end here as pop-up and close temporary. Meanwhile we will work on our concept and look out for a new and bigger location. 
For you ideas or inspirations we'll have an open ear any time: eieiei@no-spameggkneipe.de - lets stay in contact via instagram | facebook.

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